Cyber Security Advisory Services (CyBrain)

CyBrain, the pinnacle of Security Advisory Services by Cybears. As a beacon of strategic guidance in the cybersecurity realm, CyBrain is dedicated to empowering your organization with proactive insights and expert counsel. Our seasoned team of advisors brings a wealth of experience to the table, offering tailored solutions that align with your unique security needs. CyBrain goes beyond conventional approaches, providing in-depth security assessments, risk analysis, and a roadmap for fortified defenses. Trust in our continuous vigilance, ensuring your organization is well-equipped to navigate the ever-changing threat landscape. With CyBrain, you gain more than just advice; you acquire a trusted partner committed to steering your cybersecurity strategy towards resilience and success. Choose CyBrain – where advisory meets innovation, elevating your security posture to unprecedented heights. 


 Identify current security posture  & risk level 


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CISO Support Services.


Monthly Commitment 

Ideal for organizations beginning their cybersecurity journey.

  • Conformity Audit to the National Security Framework (RNSI)
  • Audit of Compliance with ISO 27001:2022
  • Audit of the Security of Partner and Supplier Ecosystems
  • Review of Security Architecture
  • Audit of Identity Management
  • Strategic Security Audit
  • Evaluation of Security Technologies
  • Physical Security Evaluation
  • Review of Internal Security Policy
  • Development of a Global Remediation Plan
  • Security Controls Assessment
  • Incident Response Preparedness Assessment
  • Global gap analysis 
  • Organisation security profile definition
  • Backup & Recovery Capabilities Audit
  • & More 


Monthly Commitment 

Perfect for businesses ready to turn analysis into action.

  • Include Bronze + :
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  • Threat Intelligence Analysis
  • Customized Security Program Development
  • Security Investment Planning
  • Business Case Development for Security Initiatives
  • Organizational Security Target Definition
  • Personalized Career Development Planning
  • Targeted Security Architecture Implementation
  • Dark Web Monitoring and Analysis
  • Security Governance Structure Design
  • Security Awareness Program Development
  • Security Architecture Review and Enhancement
  • Cybersecurity Roadmap Development
  • Road map of defining security & project management practices 
  • & more


Quarterly Commitment

Designed for organizations looking to actively strengthen their security.

  • Include Silver + : 
  • Security Policy Development
  • Attack Surface Analysis and Reduction
  • Executive Management Awareness Workshops
  • Employee Cybersecurity awareness workshop
  • Phishing Simulation Exercises
  • Critical Asset Penetration Testing
  • Security Vendor Negotiation Support
  • Organizational Security Enhancement
  • Job Description Development
  • Support in the Implementation of Quick Wins
  • Security Governance Framework Implementation
  • Regulatory Compliance Assessment and Remediation
  • Asset register centralization.
  • Implementation of KPI & Effectiveness Metrics
  • & more


Semi-Annual Commitment

The pinnacle of protection, aimed at businesses seeking excellence in cybersecurity.

  • Include Gold + :
  • Monthly Security Posture Report
  • Incident Response Hours Bank (50 hours)
  • Vulnerability Assessment for the top 10 Critical Applications.
  • Ransomware Protection Simulation
  • Business Continuity Audit Report
  • Dark Web Intelligence Monitoring
  • Security Effectiveness KPI & KGI Reporting
  • Cybears as Your CISO (50 hours)
  • Security Strategy Review and Enhancement
  • Regulatory Compliance Audit and Reporting
  • Threat Hunting and Intelligence Analysis
  • Separate Security Awareness Training for Executives & employees
  • Secure Configuration Management
  • & more

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